A custom jigsaw puzzle, sometimes referred to as a portrait puzzle, is a bespoke puzzle featuring a distinctive image, often of a person, pet, or special moment. This custom creation turns a beloved photo or artwork into an enjoyable and interactive pastime, allowing the recipient to engage with the image as they piece the puzzle together. These tailor-made puzzles serve as thoughtful and inventive gifts for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. They are available in a range of sizes and piece counts to accommodate different ages, abilities, and tastes, providing a unique keepsake that merges treasured memories with the excitement of a puzzle-solving adventure.

Why is Custom Jigsaw Puzzle The Best Gift?

Custom photo puzzles offer a creative and unique way to preserve and showcase your cherished memories. They provide a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to enjoy your favorite photographs in a new and interactive way. As you piece together the puzzle, you can relive those special moments captured in the image, sparking joy and nostalgia. Custom photo puzzles make an ideal personalized gift that is both thoughtful and engaging, offering hours of entertainment for individuals of all ages.

The demand for  custom gifts has been on the rise, as people increasingly seek out unique and meaningful presents for their loved ones. Custom photo puzzles are a standout option, combining the fun of traditional jigsaw puzzles with the emotional connection of a treasured photograph. Whether it's a family portrait, a wedding photo, or a snapshot of a memorable vacation, transforming these images into puzzles adds an extra layer of sentimentality and enjoyment. The finished product is a beautiful keepsake that can be displayed or reassembled time and time again.

Why is PixArts Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Gift The Best?

PixArts has become a prominent player in the custom photo puzzle industry, thanks to their dedication to outstanding quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Garnering a reputation for crafting some of the finest custom jigsaw puzzles available, PixArts offers a broad array of options and distinctive features to accommodate the varied tastes and preferences of their clientele. This ensures that each puzzle is a genuinely exceptional creation. When you opt for PixArts, you can be confident that your custom photo puzzle will serve as a striking and unforgettable gift, treasured for years to come.

What Type of Jigsaw Puzzles Can You Buy From PixArts?

There are many different types of  custom jigsaw puzzles we sell. Some of the popular  custom jigsaw puzzle available on our website include: 

  • 1000 pieces Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with custom box
  • 500 pieces  Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with custom box
  • 99 pieces  Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with custom tube
  • Custom love puzzles, pet puzzles, and more
  • Puzzle gift boxes and custom puzzle boxes

Each of these custom box or tube options are made with your special photo that makes your gift more amazing than ever.

1000 Pieces  Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with Custom Box

For the ultimate challenge and entertainment, PixArts offers 1000-piece photo puzzles with dimensions of 19 x 27 inches (48.3 x 68.6 cm) that allow you to dive deep into your favorite memories. These large puzzles are perfect for puzzle enthusiasts or for families to work on together during holidays or special occasions. To make the gift even more personal, each puzzle comes with a customized box featuring the image used for the puzzle, making for an impressive presentation that adds a touch of elegance to the overall experience.

500 Pieces  Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with Custom Box

PixArts also offers 500-piece photo puzzles with dimensions of 13.5 x 19 inches (34.3 x 48.3 cm), which strike a perfect balance between complexity and accessibility. These puzzles are ideal for those who want a moderate challenge without the commitment of a 1000-piece puzzle. As with the larger puzzles, the 500-piece option includes a customized box adorned with the chosen photograph, creating a cohesive and polished gift that recipients will cherish.

99 Pieces  Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with Custom Box

If you're in search of a smaller, more manageable puzzle, PixArts' 99-piece photo puzzles measuring 3.5 x 5.1 inches (8.9 x 13 cm) are an excellent choice. These puzzles are perfect for young children, seniors, or anyone seeking a quick and entertaining activity. The 99-piece puzzles arrive in a custom tube adorned with the image from the puzzle, offering an elegant and practical storage option that's ideal for gifting.

Custom Love Puzzles, Pet Puzzles, and More

PixArts’ extensive range of custom puzzle themes ensures that there is a perfect option for every occasion and recipient. From love puzzles that celebrate romantic milestones to pet puzzles that showcase your furry friends, PixArts allows you to create a custom jigsaw puzzle that reflects the interests and passions of your loved ones. The possibilities are endless, making it easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Puzzle Gift Boxes and Custom Puzzle Boxes

PixArts takes the gifting experience a step further by offering an assortment of puzzle gift boxes and custom puzzle boxes that amplify the presentation of your custom jigsaw puzzle. These high-quality boxes not only provide a protective enclosure for your puzzle, but they also add an extra element of thoughtfulness and personalization to your gift. By tailoring the box with the recipient's name, a meaningful message, or a picture, you can create a truly unforgettable present that will be valued for years to come.

The Process of Creating a Custom Photo Puzzle with PixArts

Creating your amazing puzzle is very simple. Follow these instructions and let us take care of the rest for you.

Select Your Image And Upload

The first step in creating a custom photo puzzle with PixArts is selecting the perfect image. This could be a favorite family photo, a memorable vacation snapshot, or a cherished picture of a beloved pet. When choosing your image, it's essential to consider the quality and resolution to ensure that the final puzzle will be crisp and clear. PixArts offers helpful guidelines for optimizing your image to achieve the best possible result, ensuring your puzzle will be both visually stunning and enjoyable to assemble.

In case you are having issues or doubts, send us an email on with your photo and let us assist you on your puzzle.

Place Puzzle Order With Your Custom Picture

After you upload your picture, the final step is to place your order through PixArts' secure and convenient platform. The ordering process is straightforward, and PixArts offers a range of shipping options to ensure your custom jigsaw puzzle arrives in time for your special occasion.

Start Counting Days

Based on your selected manufacturing and shipping option, your puzzle will be prepared and shipped as soon as possible. You will be notified about this process on the entire steps so you can start counting days on when your order is coming to you.

Memorable Puzzle Gift Ideas by PixArts

Custom jigsaw puzzle gifts for kids, couples, and families

Custom photo puzzles by PixArts make exceptional gifts for a wide range of recipients, including kids, couples, and families. For children, puzzles featuring their favorite cartoon characters, pets, or family photos can provide hours of entertainment while promoting cognitive development. Couples can cherish a romantic moment captured in a puzzle, while families can bond over assembling a puzzle depicting a memorable group photo.

Unique and thoughtful present options for various occasions

PixArts' custom photo puzzles are versatile gifts suitable for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, or holidays. They offer a unique and thoughtful alternative to traditional presents, allowing the recipient to relive cherished memories while enjoying the challenge of piecing the puzzle together.

Tips for selecting the perfect photo and design

When choosing a photo for your custom puzzle, it's essential to consider the recipient's interests and the occasion. Select an image that holds sentimental value and captures a meaningful moment in time. Additionally, consider the puzzle size and the recipient's skill level to ensure an enjoyable experience. Lastly, don't forget to add any custom touches, such as text or special messages, to make your puzzle gift truly one-of-a-kind.

Buy Best  Custom Jigsaw Puzzles Online from PixArts

A custom photo puzzle gift from PixArts goes beyond being a simple present; it becomes a cherished keepsake that carries sentimental value for years to come. As the recipient assembles the puzzle, they are reminded of the special memories captured in the image, which can evoke feelings of nostalgia, love, and joy. Furthermore, the time and effort put into selecting the perfect photo, design, and personalizations demonstrate the thoughtfulness and care behind the gift, making it even more meaningful.

PixArts' custom jigsaw puzzles provide an opportunity to share and relive memories with loved ones in a fun and engaging way. Assembling the puzzle together can strengthen bonds and create new memories, while also promoting conversation and storytelling. The finished puzzle serves as a beautiful and functional piece of art, ready to be displayed and admired, acting as a constant reminder of the love and thoughtfulness that went into creating it. In essence, custom photo puzzles crafted by PixArts represent a unique and heartfelt way to celebrate life's special moments and the people who make them unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have a custom photo jigsaw puzzle made from your photo?

We as PixArts offer personalized jigsaw puzzles in a variety of puzzle sizes with a variety of pieces which can be prepared from your favorite artwork or your favorite personalized photo printed on a photo jigsaw puzzle. These jigsaw custom puzzles can present your unforgettable memories and make perfect personalized gifts for anniversaries, christmas or as a simple family gift.