Best personalized gift for your loved one! Memorize special moments with a song or photo acrylic, send a personal and lovely message! Great gift for any special occasion, or great piece as a home accessory and decor. Your choice!

Send messages and add meaning in your gifts. Add value to this product with a personalization unique to you, which can be used as a family gift, friend gift, anniversary gift, boyfriend gift or girlfriend gift. Whether you want to give it a classic flair or customize it with mid century modern art, it all depends on you!

Our acrylic is one of the highest quality, which will look & feel just like glass. Also it is far more resistant to the damages and will stay as new for a long time. 

For the photos, make sure to use out a quality version of your photo and in square format. In case the photo is not in square format and processed like that, it is not our fault and the customer is responsible for sending out photos in the required format and in high quality.

Acrylic Song Plaque

The Song Plaque Album Cover is an incredibly amazing personalized gift that brings the magic of music to life for your loved ones. Imagine the look on their faces when they unwrap this stunning keepsake, customized with their all-time favorite song or a tune that holds special memories for both of you. The vibrant colors, eye-catching design, and bespoke elements of this outstanding piece will leave them speechless, knowing that you've put so much thought and effort into finding the perfect present that truly reflects your bond.

The exceptional song plaque transcends a mere keepsake; it's an artistic representation of the profound connections that music creates among people. Whether you're honoring a memorable event, emphasizing a shared appreciation for a particular artist, or simply reminding loved ones of the precious moments spent together, this unique gift is bound to touch their hearts. With the PixArts Album Cover, you're offering more than just a gift—you're providing an unforgettable experience and a lasting symbol of the love you share.

These music player-inspired designs allow for endless customization, letting you feature your favorite singer or artist, or even invent song titles instead of using real ones. A great example for a song name might be a personal message such as “I love you!” and the artist would be your name. To get ideas for what to write on a song plaque, you can browse through thousands of songs and artists on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music. You can also get ideas from the song names to come up with your own song title.

Once you find your personalized photo and decide on what to put on song name and artist name, just complete your order and wait for your package to see what you imagine to come to real life. Looking forward to receiving your acrylic song plaque orders, make sure to share them on social media by tagging instagram account.

Acrylic song plaques are an excellent way to commemorate special moments in your life. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or honoring a loved one, these song plaques will be a cherished and lasting keepsake. In this article, we'll explore various ways that you can memorialize memories with song plaques--from showcasing an important date to giving one as a gift.

What is a Song Plaque, Album Cover or Music Plaque?

These custom-made acrylic music plaques resemble the display on your favorite music player when you play a song. Personalized music plaques allow you to showcase your favorite song or album covers, favorite tunes, theme songs or melodies that evoke memories with friends. They could also be dedicated to someone special. With custom messages or quotes option, people can make their designs authentic and special.

Acrylic song plaques are an exceptional way to celebrate a favorite song, be it your personal anthem or a much-loved ballad. Constructed from premium acrylic, these distinctive pieces of art can be customized with any text or images you'd like. Our team is available to help you with your design anytime you want via our chat or email, so you can add an emotional message or produce a one-of-a-kind design. Not only do these plaques make for remarkable gifts, but they also present a striking way to exhibit your musical inclinations. If you're searching for the ultimate gift or looking to infuse your home décor with a touch of personality, explore our selection of custom acrylic song plaques. With various customizable options, the PixArts Album Plaque provides a fun and creative way to celebrate your favorite tunes and create lasting memories.

Does Album Plaque Play The Song?

The Custom PixArts Song Plaque brings your precious memories back to life by using your choice of photo and song. Optionally you can add a QR code of your choice and the song, video or any url you want will be played on your mobile device when it is scanned. This is NOT an electronic item itself.

Song Plaque Album Cover vs. Glass Album Cover vs. Glass Plaque

Song Plaque, Glass Album Cover, and Glass Plaque are three unique ways to showcase your favorite music and create personalized keepsakes. A Song Plaque typically features the song title, artist, and album art printed on a flat surface, creating a visually appealing memento. The Glass Album Cover takes it a step further by incorporating a high-quality print on a durable glass surface, offering an elevated aesthetic. The Glass Plaque is a more versatile option, allowing for customization of not only the song and artist details but also additional personal touches like a custom photo or message. Each of these options offers a distinct way to celebrate your favorite music and make a thoughtful, memorable gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Song Plaque Album Cover vs. Spotify Glass Plaque vs. Apple Music Glass Plaque

Song Plaque Album Cover, Spotify Glass Plaque, and Apple Music Glass Plaque are all creative ways to celebrate and display your favorite music, with each option catering to different music streaming preferences. A Song Plaque Album Cover typically features the song title, artist, and album art printed on a flat surface, providing a visually captivating keepsake. The Spotify Glass Plaque is a customizable option that integrates with the popular music streaming platform, incorporating elements like the Spotify logo, song details, and a scannable QR code that directly links to the track. On the other hand, the Apple Music Glass Plaque is tailored for Apple Music subscribers, showcasing a similar design with the Apple Music logo and unique elements that reflect the platform's branding. Each of these options allows you to create a personalized tribute to your favorite tunes while also showcasing your preferred music streaming service.

Acrylic Song Plaque Album Cover Features

  1. Custom Picture

The custom picture feature in a Album Cover Plaque offers the opportunity to include a meaningful photograph along with the song and artist details. This personal touch creates a unique and memorable keepsake that can evoke powerful emotions and memories. By combining a special image with a favorite song, the custom picture enhances the overall visual appeal and sentimental value of the plaque, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Customizable Song Name and Artist

One standout aspect of the Album Cover Plaque is the ability to customize the displayed song name and artist, enabling you to showcase any song that holds special meaning for you, be it a chart-topper or a lesser-known gem.

Personalized Song Seconds and Length

Another customizable aspect of the Album Cover Plaque is the option to include the specific song length and the timestamp of your favorite part of the song. This feature adds a personal touch to the plaque, making it a unique keepsake that highlights the most meaningful moments of your chosen track.

Selection of Print Colors

The Album Cover Plaque also allows you to choose from a variety of print colors for the text and design elements, ensuring that the final product aligns with your personal style and preferences. This feature enables you to create a plaque that seamlessly blends with your existing décor or stands out as a bold statement piece.

Inclusion of QR Code for User-Defined URLs

Another innovative feature of the Album Cover Plaque is the inclusion of a QR code, which can be linked to a user-defined URL, such as the song's Spotify URL, a YouTube video, or other related online content. Scanning the QR code with a smartphone will instantly direct the user to the chosen content, making the plaque an interactive and engaging keepsake.

Material and Durability (Acrylic)

Made from durable acrylic material, the Album Cover Plaque is built to last and resist wear and tear. The high-quality printing ensures that the image and text remain vibrant and sharp, even after extended periods of display or use.

Acrylic Song Plaque Album Cover Design Process

Choosing the Picture

Choosing the perfect picture for your Album Cover Plaque is a crucial part of the design process. When selecting an image, consider its relevance to the song, artist, or occasion being commemorated, and ensure it holds sentimental value for the recipient. It could be a photo from a memorable concert, a snapshot of a special moment, or a picture capturing the essence of your relationship.

Image quality and composition are equally important for creating an appealing plaque. When choosing a high-resolution photo, make sure it has ample lighting and a distinct focal point that complements the overall design. By carefully selecting the right image, you'll craft a unique and memorable keepsake that the recipient will treasure for years.

Choosing the Desired Song and Artist

The first step in designing your custom Album Cover Plaque is selecting the song and artist you wish to feature. This decision should be based on personal preference, considering factors such as emotional significance, shared memories, or simply your love for the track or artist.

How to Add Birthday or Anniversary Message on Your Album Cover 

Incorporating a birthday or anniversary message into your plaque can make it even more exceptional. To do so, find a meaningful message, poem or quote that resonates with both you and the recipient. After finding the perfect message, place your order and share the custom text you'd like to include with us. This personal touch will create a truly special gift.

Selecting the Preferred Layout and Design Elements

Once you've chosen the song and artist, the next step is to select the preferred layout and design elements for your plaque. This includes choosing the text color and additional design elements such as the QR code and timestamp.

Choosing the Right Song Plaque Color to Suit Your Needs

When selecting the ideal color for your custom acrylic song plaque, there are several factors to take into account. The primary factor is the plaque's purpose. For displays, a color that is easily visible and legible from a distance is recommended. However, for private spaces, there is no limit in your color choice.

Another crucial consideration is the overall aesthetic of the area where the plaque will be displayed, be it your home or office. Pick a color that complements the existing decor and furnishings. You may also want to consider the symbolism of different colors when making your decision, such as blue representing calmness and serenity or yellow symbolizing happiness and energy.

If you're uncertain about the color, we recommend ordering a proof before finalizing your order. This allows you to see how the chosen color appears on the plaque before committing to it.

Inputting Song Details and URL for QR Code

Next, you'll need to enter the song details; song name, its artist, song second for the time stamp and song length. Additionally, you'll need to supply the URL you'd like to link to the QR code featured in the design.

Choosing the right size for your song plaques

In terms of choosing the right size for your song plaque, consider factors such as the number of songs you want to display and whether they should be easily visible or legible from a distance. Most importantly, ensure that the plaque fits comfortably within the available space, without being too small or too large. If you're uncertain about the size, consult a professional for guidance.

Previewing and Approving the Final Design

The final step in the design process involves previewing and approving your customized Album Cover Plaque, ensuring all elements are displayed correctly and that you're happy with the overall appearance. After approving the design, your custom Album Cover Plaque will be produced and shipped to you, ready for display or gifting.

Album Plaque Personalized Gift Use Cases

The Album Cover Plaque serves multiple purposes and is a perfect keepsake for various occasions. Commemorating special events such as anniversaries and graduations becomes more meaningful when you include a unique, personalized touch. The plaque also allows you to celebrate a favorite song or artist by incorporating their album cover art into your gift.

In addition to being a thoughtful gift, the Album Cover Plaque can help personalize a living space or home office. The striking design and personalized elements of the plaque produce a one-of-a-kind artwork that represents your musical taste. This makes it an ideal gift for music aficionados or Spotify users who want to display their favorite songs and artists in an inventive manner.

Gift Ideas

The versatility of the Album Cover Plaque makes it suitable for various gift-giving occasions. For birthdays, you can choose a song that holds special meaning for the celebrant, while Valentine's Day gifts can feature a song that represents the love between partners. For weddings or anniversaries, select a song that played a significant role in the couple's relationship or a tune that has become "their song." Graduation gifts can include a motivational or inspirational track that encourages the graduate to chase their dreams and embrace new beginnings.

Why Choose an Acrylic Song Plaque?

If you're looking for a unique and special gift for a music lover, an acrylic song plaque is one of the best options nowadays. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Acrylic is a beautiful modern material that looks stunning in any home and attracts attention directly.
  2. A song plaque made of acrylic is extremely durable and will last for years.
  3.  You can customize an acrylic song plaque with the song of your choice, making it a truly personal gift.
  4. An acrylic song plaque makes a wonderful addition to any music room or office, and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves music.
  5. Acrylic song plaques are an affordable way to show your loved ones how much you care.

Packaging and Delivery

When ordering a Album Cover Plaque, rest assured that your gift will arrive safely and securely. The plaques are packaged with protective materials to prevent damage during transit. We offer multiple shipping options, along with estimated delivery times to help you plan your purchase and give away accordingly. Worldwide and international shipping options are available for those wishing to send a unique and personalized gift to loved ones residing overseas.

 Our normal production and shipping times are: 

  • Normal Manufacturing Times: 3 - 5 business days 
  • Normal Shipping Times: 2 - 10 business days. 

Our expedited production and shipping times are: 

  • Expedited Manufacturing Times: 1 - 2 business days, 
  • Expedited Shipping Times: 2 - 5 business days.

This ensures that you can share the joy of customized Album Cover Plaques with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. 

Design Your PixArts Album Plaque Now!

Ready to create your very own PixArts Album Cover Plaque? Don't wait any longer! Start designing your personalized keepsake today and take advantage of our current promotions and discounts. With designing a unique and meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one, you'll celebrate a special song and cherished memory in time. If any assistance is needed during the design process or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We're here to help you craft a truly memorable, custom piece that will be valued for years to come. Get started now and let your creativity shine!