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Acrylic Name Plate Personalized Office Decor Custom Sign
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Make a statement right at the doorstep or on your desk! Personalized Acrylic Name Plate – a blend of sophistication and personal touch that speaks volumes. Whether it's for your office, home entrance, or a personal workspace, these name plates...


Customize Your Workspace with PixArts' Acrylic Office Name Plates

 Welcome to PixArts' Office Name Plates category page, where you'll find the perfect addition to your workspace. We have a wide selection of name plates to choose from, in a variety of sizes and styles. Our plates are made from durable materials that are designed to last. We offer customization options to ensure your name plate is personalized to your workspace.Our name plates for desks are designed for professionals like you who work in an office setting and want to add a touch of personalization to their workspace. With a wide range of design options and customization features, you're sure to find the perfect name plate that reflects your style and personality.


What is an Office Name Plate? 

An office name plate is a personalized sign or label placed in or near your workspace. It displays your name, title, and sometimes additional information like your company logo. Name plates help identify and distinguish individual workspaces while also adding professionalism and personalization to the office environment. Name plates can also be used to express a person's style and personality. They can be customized with different colors, fonts, and materials to match the design of the office. Additionally, they are a great way to welcome visitors and provide a sense of belonging to employees.

How to Choose the Right Custom Office Name Plate? 

When selecting the perfect office name plate, consider the following factors:

  1. Material: Choose a durable material like acrylic, which offers a luxurious look and depth to the design.

  2. Design: Pick a design that reflects your personality and style, whether it's simple, floral, marbled, or abstract.

  3. Customization: Ensure the name plate can be customized with your name, title, and company logo to make it truly unique.

  4. Size: Confirm the name plate's size is suitable for your workspace and intended placement.

Why Choose PixArts Office Name Plates? 

Unique Selling Points 

Our name plates for desks are made from high-quality, 1-inch thick acrylic that gives depth to the design, making it look luxurious and eye-catching. You can choose from a variety of design options, including simple, floral, marbled, abstract, and many more.

Customization Options 

PixArts believes in providing personalized experiences. You can customize your name plate with your name, surname, title, and even your company's logo. With such an extensive range of design options and customization features, you're bound to find a name plate that truly reflects who you are.

Where to Use Office Name Plates? 

 Office Name Plate for Desk 

A name plate for your desk is an excellent way to personalize and identify your workspace, especially in an office with multiple desks or shared spaces. Placing a name plate on your desk makes it easy for colleagues to locate you and adds a professional touch to your workspace.

Office Name Plate for Cubicles 

Cubicle name plates help identify individual workstations in open office layouts with multiple cubicles. Attaching a name plate to the outside of your cubicle allows coworkers to find you quickly and shows that you take pride in your work environment.

Size and Material 

All of our office name plates come in one size, made from high-quality acrylic material. This ensures durability and an elegant appearance that's perfect for any office setting.

Pricing and Shipping for Office Name Plates

Affordable Pricing 

Our office name plates start at just 19 USD, making them an affordable way to enhance your workspace. Please note that shipping costs are not included in the base price.

Shipping Options

We offer both express and standard shipping options for your convenience. Express shipping typically takes 2-3 business days, while standard shipping takes around 8 days. Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.

Guarantee and Returns 

If your product arrives damaged or defective, we'll send you a replacement one as part of our guarantee. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and enjoy your new name plate for years to come.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews for Office Name Plates

We take pride in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Here's what one of our happy customers had to say:

"The final product was exceptional! I was afraid that it wouldn’t be high quality —BUT it was amazing! I bought it as a gift for my cousin as she started her new job. She was thrilled! And it meant everything to see her reaction. The finished product was stunning! It was shipped as promised and customer service was helpful and courteous. Thank you SO much for your work. I will be placing another order soon!""


Don't miss out on the opportunity to personalize your workspace with a stylish and luxurious acrylic name plate from PixArts. Browse our extensive collection of designs, customize your name plate with your personal details, and enjoy an exclusive, high-quality product that will make your office stand out. Order your custom name plate today and elevate your workspace to the next level.

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